i avhe a blempro


I have a problem. I really like taking pictures–attempting to capture a minuscule portion of the beauty in the world (…there’s just so damn much of it)–and then, I want to share this beauty with the universe. Thus, herein lies the problem:

I don’t know if anyone really cares about the pictures I take. You see, I’d like to give something to the world with these pics (e.g., respite from a life that is, more or less, a persistent pain in the ass), but I’m not sure I’m satisfying this desire. I don’t know if my pictures are a waste of space and in time, or if they are cathartic–to you, me, or maybe even, to my dog, etc…….?

Maybe you’re bored or looking for inspiration or just trying to find a reason to care… Either way, now you know that this blog is my “giving back” and my pics are a lame excuse to do so. I feel stupid now, but I’m more motivated than ever. Hail intra-personal inspiration.



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