My love, my tree, my Bois de Vincennes

It has been 7 months since the day I officially left Paris — with the prospect of greener pastures in Belgium. But, today, as on many other days since being in Brussels, I feel a void–a void, which fills me with longing. Sometimes, when the sun is shining (as it actually does on occasion in Belgium), when the breeze blows ever so slightly, I wish that I could sit under my favorite tree, with my puppy (aka. Pickles) by my side and a good, hearty book in my hands.

Today, that book would have been H.D. Thoreau’s Walden; that forest would have been the lovely Bois de Vincennes <- Oh, how I miss you.

There’s nothing quite like sitting under a tree in the sunshine with nothing to do, reveling the beautiful day away. Don’t you agree?


my fav treeA Ready to Pounce Picklesaka. pickles


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