Song of the day–26 September 2013

Today’s song of the day…

“Something in the Way” is an song by Nirvana–written by Kurt Cobain. It is the final song on their 1991 studio album Nevermind (without counting the secret track on the album).

Very interesting, from Wikipedia:

According to Nevermind’s producer Butch Vig, Cobain had originally wanted to record “Something in the Way” with the full band, but when initial attempts at this proved unsuccessful, Cobain sat down and played the song for Vig by himself, to show him how he thought it should sound. Vig was impressed with the way Cobain’s solo rendition sounded, and after having the air conditioner and all telephones turned off in the control room of the studio, proceeded to set up microphones and record the song the same way: with Cobain singing and playing guitar.

This became the core of the track; drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic added their parts later, though both had some difficulties with the relatively slow timing of the song. Novoselic also had trouble tuning his bass to Cobain’s guitar (a rickety old 12-string Stella acoustic strung with 5 nylon guitar strings which barely stayed in tune) and Grohl was forced to repress his natural inclination to pound on the drums, in order to match the song’s gentle mood. On the final day of the Nevermind sessions, Kirk Canning, a friend of the band’s, came in and completed the song with a cello line, though he too had difficulties tuning to Cobain’s guitar.


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