The (spontaneous) Travelers

July 2012: Dieppe, France

Earlier in the day, walking our usual streets of east-Paris, we yearned instead to be on a beach, listening to the waves in their habitual rolling, whispering, crackling between shoreline rocks.

He turned to me with a smile; it was unsaid but agreed, goodbye Paris, hello ensuing adventure.

Thus, we split ways at Nation; quickly, he went to Maraichers, me on to St. Mande, meanwhile using our phones to uncover the cheapest way to the shore, any shore.

Three trains and two hours later, we found ourselves at Dieppe (in Haute-Normandie), at the beach, under a setting sun, with a tent, a dog, and loads of spontaneous satisfaction.

July 2012: Dieppe, France

July 2012: Dieppe, France


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